Dog returned record number of times to shelter

Young dog returned ‘record number’ of times to Massachusetts shelter

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A young dog, with an exceptional amount of energy, has been returned to a Massachusetts area animal shelter a “record number of times.” Her name is Minnie, and the Doberman pinscher-pit bull mix has been returned to the MSPCA-Angell animal shelter four times.

On July 22, the shelter posted an update about the exuberant dog on its Facebook page:

Attention (super) active dog adopters!

Minnie the Amazing has been returned to our Boston adoption center a record FOUR times!

Why would such a loving and affectionate dog boomerang back to us so many times, you ask? Because she needs a *ton* of physical and mental stimulation – she overwhelmed her previous adopters.

The shelter is hopeful that the perfect adopter is out there somewhere – staff believes that Minnie will thrive with someone who loves to “hike, run and play.” Perhaps Minnie could be adopted by someone who wants to put her to work – there are several cases of “overly energetic,” hard to place dogs who have been put to work as search and rescue dogs or even police K9s. Dogs with energy and high-drive personalities often thrive when they have a job to do.

As reported by WMUR News, the animal shelter will include seven weeks of beginner obedience training in Minnie’s adoption fee.

Interested in learning more about this active dog? Please email for more information.

Find Minnie’s Facebook thread here.

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