Yelly: Pup struck and dragged by car rescued by NYC rescue

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In a high kill Texas shelter, Yelly arrived in serious condition. She had been struck by a car; the tire and dirt marks on her body indicated she had been dragged for quite a distance.

Tragically, the shelter has no money to treat seriously injured pets – no matter how young, how beautiful or how wonderful their personalities and dispositions may be; the only alternative for the critically injured becomes humane euthanasia. But for Yelly, this would not be her fate. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC began 2019 with a miracle.

“She has open serious wounds which are from road rash from being dragged and hit by a car, and she clearly has a broken leg or shattered pelvis. The black marks all over her body are tire marks and dirt marks from being dragged quite a distance,” explained Tracey Silverstein, co-founder of the organization.

Yelly could barely get comfortable.  The following photos and video are graphic and may not be suitable for all viewers:

Yelly has been transferred to an emergency veterinarian hospital. Updates to follow.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Of course the Texas shelter had no money to help poor Yelly. Thank goodness for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for again stepping up to help an unfortunate Texas dog!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Yelly has the best chance of surviving with RDR of NYC taking charge of her care. Please keep us informed as to what happens to her.


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