Woman charged for severely neglected dog

Women charged after discovery of severely neglected dog

Two Michigan women are facing animal cruelty charges following the discovery of a severely neglected dog. According to the Eastpointe Police Department, Victoria Johnson and Deja Dodd are facing charges for the dismal condition of the dog, who they reported initially as being a “stray.”

Women charged


Police began investigating on Sept. 4 after Dodd contacted the Eastpointe Animal Control to report finding a stray dog. An animal control officer found that the dog, a pit bull mix, was “clearly suffering from neglect and cruelty,” and could barely walk. At the home of Johnson and Dodd, mother and daughter, there were signs that a dog had been living there for some time, including a dog crate behind a garage wall, a strong smell of urine, and piles of feces.

The animal control officer transferred the injured and neglected dog to Detroit Pit Crew Rescue, who wrote:

Today we were contacted by Chief Pylar of Eastpointe AC regarding a dog that he had picked up as a stray that was in horrific condition. We agreed to take the dog in so that he could receive emergency medical care and we were heartbroken to see his condition upon arrival. He is an adult dog that weighed in at 23lbs and he was not able to walk straight or for more then a few steps with out falling or sitting down and he also had blood coming from multiple areas of his body.

An x-ray revealed that the dog, dubbed Saint, also has a severely deformed spine, which likely is the result of long term confinement in a small space.

On Tuesday, Prosecutor Eric Smith announced that the women were facing charges. In a release, the charges have been outlined:

Prosecuting Attorney Eric Smith has charged Deja Dodd with Animal Cruelty and False Report of a Misdemeanor, both 93-day misdemeanors. Her mother, Victoria Johnson, has been charged with Animal Killing/Torturing – 3rd Degree, a 4-year felony.

Prosecutor Smith expressed disgust over the treatment of Saint:

“This is an appalling case of animal cruelty and neglect. The circumstances this dog was forced to endure are utterly inexcusable. This poor animal was emaciated, covered fleas, and suffering from a severe spinal deformity likely due to neglect.”

Smith continued,

“In the eyes of this office, this neglectful treatment amounts to torture: denying this animal food and forcing him to live in these deplorable conditions. This case is being vertically prosecuted by a member of our P.A.W.S. Unit. This Assistant Prosecutor has received specialized training in the prosecution of cases of animal abuse and neglect.”

Donations for this dog’s care are being accepted by the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue – find them on Facebook here.

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