Woman wins award for reforming shelter

Woman wins award for reforming rundown shelter into a no-kill zone

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A woman has been awarded $35,000 from the Petco Foundation for her efforts to reform a rundown animal shelter in Taft, Texas. According to multiple sources, Kayla Denney secured the Petco Foundation’s Unsung Hero Award after she transformed the town’s dilapidated and high-kill animal control facility into a “no-kill” zone.

Denney was appointed as the lead animal control officer in November 2018. Prior to her arrival, almost every animal that came into the facility was put down. The shelter lacked volunteers, resources, funding, and support and Denney set out to make a measurable change.

She started out using her own Facebook page to ask for donations from friends and family – from there, things took off and she was able to pour resources into the shelter. In her Petco Unsung Heroes video, she states, “I had over 800 boxes delivered, and the some that we had to move to make room so we could walk in here.”

Thanks to her efforts, there are now shelter volunteers who ensure that the animals at the facility get time away from their kennels, and because of her vision, the entire shelter environment has been changed. But Denney’s efforts are not limited to just the shelter – she has made it her mission to go out to the community to ensure that pets are being properly cared for, and to let residents know that she is there to help them provide for their animals.

After receiving the Petco Foundation reward she said, “my heart is full that I have this support.” Adding, “Every dog deserves a chance.”

Watch Kayla’s video below:

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