Jail time for woman who left caged dogs to die

Woman who left caged dogs to die has been sentenced to jail time

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An Ohio woman has been sentenced to jail time for a cruel crime which left one dog dead and another severely malnourished. As reported by the Canton Rep, 26-year-old Jessica J. Swinehart, of Perry Township, has been sentenced to 10 months of jail time for the death of her beagle, who was left in a cage to starve. Swinehart also left her one-year-old German shepherd in the same cage – that dog was so starved that she resorted to eating the beagle who had already died.

The judge expressed frustration that a stronger sentence could not be made – because of state law, Stark County Common Pleas Judge Taryn Heath was unable to send Swinehart to prison. In addition to the jail time, Swinehart is sentenced to community service, a mental health evaluation, five years of probation, in addition to being prohibited from owning a companion animal.

The surviving dog

The German shepherd who survived being caged without food or water continues to recuperate in a foster home with a veterinary technician who may eventually adopt her. The Stark County Humane Society has stated that the young dog is “doing well.”

(Screenshot of booking photo via Canton Rep)

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  1. Laurette says:

    The people of Ohio need to contact their state representatives and demand they change the sentencing laws on animal cruelty and abuse to be a lot stricter and to make it a felony. This way a person like this won’t get a slap on the wrist.


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