Woman who disappeared with dog at campground claims man chased her

Woman claims man chased her out of campground
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The 60-year-old woman, who vanished from a California campground on July 12, is speaking out about what happened to her. Sheryl Powell was with her small dog Miley when she claims that a middle-aged man, who was wielding a knife, approached her – according to a social media post by Sheryl’s son, Greg, the man said something vulgar to her and then threatened to hurt her dog.

In a social media post, Greg writes:

He then grabbed her left wrist and caused some abrasions. My mom managed to get away. She ran away downhill and knew that my dad was beeping and yelling but had to get away from this man chasing her and trying to rape her.

By the time that Sheryl ran away from the man, she found herself lost. Greg writes:

Thankfully she is strong and resilient and knew how to find water (despite no map, phone, or overt knowledge of the area). She had some stagnant water and cactus fruit to keep her going but still got dehydrated and when she could no longer walk she scooted as far as she could. She tried to leave Miley leashed near the stagnant water but she refused to be left alone and broke out of her leash and stayed near my mom.


My mom saw the helicopters and tried to wave them down but they didn’t notice her because she was so far outside of the search area. She told us she has started to give up hope today.

Searchers in the area heard Miley’s barking, which ultimately led to the rescue of Sheryl as well.

On Monday, the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office told Facebook followers:

FINAL Update- 6:00 pm- We’re grateful that Mrs. Powell and her dog were found alive and well. Our office is actively investigating the circumstances surrounding her disappearance- We have no further information at this time.

There is no description provided of the man who allegedly chased Sheryl Powell, nor information about whether or not the authorities are searching for him. The family has stated that all donations collected by the GoFundMe account will be refunded.

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