Woman tossed pup in trash compactor: She didn’t ‘like him’

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A woman in Queens had been charged with throwing her dog down a trash compactor of an apartment building because she simply didn’t like the dog.

According to NbcNews, Dominiqua Parrish, 29, has been charged with attempted aggravated animal cruelty to animals, second degree criminal mischief and overdriving, torturing or injuring an animal in connection to the alleged incident which occurred at the end of January.

Prosecutors state Parrish was caught on video surveillance throwing the small golden-haired dog into the hallway of the apartment building where she lived. Soon afterward, she is alleged to have picked the small dog by the neck, go into the seventh floor trash room. When she exited the room, the dog was not with her.

A subsequent video shows a building employee and a Good Samaritan finding the dog in the compactor.

“I threw the dog down the incinerator because I don’t like him,” Parrish is alleged to have told authorities when questioned.

The tiny dog suffered a fractured rib and other injuries.

A court date is set for June.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    All I can say is “I don’t like HER either! So someone should run over her with an 18 wheeler? That makes as much sense! The evil disgusting bitch needs a mental institution! Even THERE–the staff would have to keep her away from the trash compactors!


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