Woman saved lifeless dog who nearly drowned

Woman saved senior dog who was lifeless after being pulled from lake

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A senior dog, who nearly drowned in a Brooklyn area lake last Thursday, is alive thanks to a dog-lover who jumped into action after hearing frantic cries for help. As reported by the New York Post, 46-year-old Holly Derito was at Prospect Park Lake when she heard someone’s panicked screams and saw a lifeless dog being pulled out of the water.

Derita ran to the dog and began efforts to resuscitate her. She told the Post:

She was completely limp, completely unresponsive. He did compressions and I started breathing into her nose — cupping the mouth shut and breathing into the nostrils.”

It took a bit of time, but eventually the senior pit bull began to breathe on her own. As soon as she was revived, her owners rushed her away to a veterinarian for continued care. Derita gave the couple her phone number, but she hasn’t heard how the dog, named Bella, is doing.

And she doesn’t mind getting so close to a stranger’s dog – she told the news agency:

The ickiness was discarded from my mind, because a little bit of icky doesn’t matter when you’re trying to save a life.

(Screenshot of dog via NY Post)

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    There is NO SUCH THING as ICKY when you are saving lives!

    So glad angels are great swimmers! Please update on how the dog Is doing!


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