Fighting for her life

Woman saved death row dog and now she is fighting for her own life

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Years ago, a Texas woman saved a death row dog from being put down. The handsome German shepherd’s name was Kaiser, and he came to Dawn Henson Farley with a host of maladies, from a broken foot, to the early stages of heart failure from untreated heartworms.

Dawn reached out to me in 2011 about her dog – and about her business venture which was created to pay for Kaiser’s significant veterinary expenses. Her business was Cookies for Kaiser, and it not only benefited her adopted dog, but others as well.

For years, Dawn fostered hard to place dogs, and she adopted one who narrowly skirted death. I became Facebook friends with Dawn after writing about her dog, and her business, and we stayed in touch through the years. In 2015, Kaiser, Dawn’s best canine friend, passed away – peacefully in his sleep.

Dawn has a big heart – she not only took on homeless dogs, she also took in foster children. A little over a year ago, shortly after adopting twin boys which she and her husband had fostered, she was hit with an unfathomable diagnosis – Stage 4 Lung Cancer. It was a devastating blow, especially since she was never a smoker.

Ever since that diagnosis, Dawn has quite literally been fighting for her life. The fight is physically demanding, emotionally devastating, and financially overwhelming. In early September, she let the followers of her Cookies for Kaiser fans know what she was going through, writing:

A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with Stage Four Lung Cancer. I have never smoked! Unfortunately my diagnosis is not good at all. The cancer has spread to three areas of my spine, both femurs, left humerus, my ribs, my lymph nodes, both lungs, and my skull. I’ve been given a year.

Needless to say I am fighting like hell and plan to continue fighting like hell.

I have so much to fight for!

Fighting to stay alive is expensive…between co-pays and medications, it is more than most can bear.

A GoFundMe account has been established to help Dawn and her family stay afloat. If you are interested in helping this compassionate woman, please click here to learn more about making a donation.

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