rabies death after dog bite

Woman died from rabies after being bitten by dog while away on a yoga retreat

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A Virginia woman died from rabies after being bitten by a dog while she was away at a yoga retreat. The incident took place in India and the woman did not realize that the dog was infected by the deadly virus, reports The Mirror.

The symptoms

Weeks after the dog bite, the woman began to experience symptoms which her doctors did not trace back to rabies…only after she revealed where she had been, and what had happened, was the correct diagnosis finally made. Unfortunately, it was too late – once symptoms are present, the disease is almost 100 percent fatal.

Protect yourself

Many other countries do not have the same strict rabies vaccination laws that are present in the United States – something that world travelers should be aware of. People who choose to travel abroad should consider getting a rabies vaccination before they embark on their trip. According to Passport Health, a rabies vaccination should be received at least 28 days before your trip – two booster vaccines are required within 28 days of the first shot.

What to watch for

Anyone who may have been exposed to rabies should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Potential symptoms of the deadly virus include:

  • weakness
  • discomfort
  • itching or prickling sensation around the bite
  • hallucinations, delirium, anxiety

Again – once the symptoms are present, the disease is almost always fatal. It is crucial to immediately seek medical attention if you are in an area where the risk of rabies contraction is high. Areas where rabies is likely to be contracted include:

  • Central America (especially Mexico and Nicaragua)
  • Southern Asia
  • South America (Peru, Brasil, Ecuador)
  • Africa
  • Eastern Europe

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  1. Sue says:

    This subject needs to be put into a much broader perspective. The media, run by profiting corporations, in turn gives us a very biased (and designed to frighten) inculcation. I have included just a few links, in order not to take up a great deal of space. But trying to make a dent in decades of industry indoctrination, it’s obvious that this can’t be accomplished in either a sound bite or an eye byte.

    Rabies in vaccinated dogs: observations in eastern Nigeria

    Vaccine-induced rabies in four cats.

    Vaccine-induced Rabies in a Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes …

    Angus Encephalitis Awareness. Rabies Vaccine Induced …

    Vaccine-induced rabies case in a cow (Bos taurus …

    Rabies vaccination and level of protection – KSVDL

    Conversely, the damage caused by the vaccinations is widespread, although ignored by the industry owned media:

    How Rabies Vaccines Can Cause Serious Side Effects in Dogs

    Rabies Miasm: The Rabies Vaccine Side Effect That Can Harm …


    The excerpt below is from the following article, written by John Fudens, D.V.M. :

    “Let me give you an example of Pinellas County, FL where my Affinity Clinic is located. I secured information from Pinellas Animal Control through the Freedom of Information Act. The record of animal control starts in 1964. From 1964 to 1978 there were ZERO cases of dog rabies in the county. Magically in 1978 rabies vaccine was mandated to be given every year and all dogs tagged and licensed. WHY? Well it seems four veterinarians, with animal control bureaucrats, pushed the county board of supervisors to pass a law mandating rabies vaccination every year… There was talk of dogs biting people (no actual figures given), dogs running loose, animal overpopulation, rabies on the increase in the U.S. (the increase was in wildlife, not dogs), etc.,etc. Not once was the issue discussed that there was no rabies in the county in dogs.

    “From 1964 to 1989 there were no cases of rabies in cats in Pinellas County. Magically in 1989 a law was passed mandating rabies vaccination, tags and licenses for all cats. Same tired worn out excuses were used. Since the 1989 law there was one cat with rabies contracted from the bite of a bat. DO YOU READERS REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT I HAVE JUST STATED? This is standard throughout the Country. No allowance is made for dogs/cats who never leave the house or yard, could never be exposed to rabies under any circumstances, or who are so ill, old or at the end of their life cycle that the rabies vaccine would throw them over the edge. No, all dogs and cats are treated the same because we have the bogeyman, rabies, stalking the streets waiting to strike unprotected dogs and cats.”

    And here is the kicker. The government and CDC has known since the mid-1930’s that substantial doses of vitamin C kills viruses (intravenous for post exposure) including rabies virus, and bacteria. But thus far they have not found a way to patent natural substances.

    Prevention of rabies by vitamin C – Harvard University

    levy – DoctorYourself.com

    I have additional information, but this might be considered too lengthy already.

    • Penny Eims says:

      around the world, rabies kills more than 59,000 people every year. The most affected countries are in Africa and Asia, and almost half of the victims are children under the age of 15 – this is one disease I personally wouldn’t mess around with – it’s not like getting the measles. There’s literally no treatment – you get it (and don’t know it) and you die

  2. Laura says:

    Terrible happening, awful way to die, but please read Sue’s information before believing vaccines are safe and effective. Below are listed all of the vaccines out there today*, despite the numerous ongoing lawsuits for damages including some causing the diseases they’re supposed to prevent, as with shingles and Zostavax, one of the few vaccines not covered by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which means individuals may sue the vaccine maker directly for injuries, see here: http://info.cmsri.org/the-driven-researcher-blog/merck-admits-shingles-vaccine-can-cause-eye-damage-and-shingles.

    Hepatitis A
    Hepatitis B
    Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)
    Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
    Seasonal Influenza (Flu) only
    Japanese Encephalitis
    Meningococcal Pneumonia
    Pneumococcal Pneumonia
    Typhoid Fever
    Yellow Fever


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