Woman arrested for gross negligence of dog found starving in filthy cage

woman arrested for gross negligence of starved dog
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An Ohio woman was arrested and charged after she was found to be grossly negligent in providing care for her young dog, Dollar. According to the Oxford Police Department, in September Zichang Li was advised by animal control officers that she needed to provide better care to her year old Rottweiler, who had been found ailing and locked in a cage during a welfare check.

Li was advised to establish proper caretaking habits, a proper feeding regiment, and she was assisted in arranging veterinary visits. But Li failed to adhere to the animal control plan and her dog was found to be suffering from severe neglect. The police department explains:

The animal control officer responded to the apartment and found that Dollar’s owner, Zichang Li, was grossly negligent in adhering to the direction of both the animal control officer and the veterinarian. Dollar was found emaciated, locked in his cage without food or water, and was soiled and soaked with his own urine and liquid feces.

Li’s failure to provide proper care to her dog resulted in her arrest. Dollar was seized and taken to a veterinarian for care. According to the authorities, the veterinarian determined that Dollar had lost nearly 10 pounds from his visit one month prior, and he was “emaciated” and had a fever.

Following his removal from Li’s care, Dollar is “feeling much better.” Li is facing a charge of Prohibitions concerning companion animals, a second degree misdemeanor. According to the department, Dollar is not currently available for adoption.

(Image via Oxford Police Department)

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