Woman arrested and facing charges after dumping emaciated dog

Woman arrested for dumping emaciated dog
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A woman in Ohio has been arrested and she is facing charges after dumping an emaciated dog at an animal welfare agency. The dog, skeletal and covered in sores, was left in a cage outside of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals in Sharonville – a search for the person who left him ensued.

According to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, the investigation led to the arrest of 39-year-old Arlene Dynell McKinnon of West Chester. In a release, the authorities stated that McKinnon admitted to dog wardens that she had owned the dog for several months and kept him in a cage because of her “busy schedule.” She also allegedly admitted to dropping the dog off outside of the animal shelter.

Sheriff Jones states “This is happening way too often in our County where people think starving a dog is better than reaching out for help. I will continue to hold people accountable for these disgusting actions against defenseless animals.”

The dog is in such poor condition that his chances for survival are unknown  – he is receiving round-the-clock veterinary care.

(Image via Butler County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page)

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  1. Woman????? I don’t think so. Whore, skank, cunt, bitch, maggot yes. Not a woman. And not a human being because it knows nothing about being human.

  2. Really? Your schedule is too busy to feed a dog? I feed 3 takes less than 5 minutes to dump some food in a bowl! What an excuse from a useless POS! She found time to dump the poor thing outside the animal shelter though didn’t she! I’m glad they found this worthless piece of humanity, she deserves all the punishment she gets and may she get the max!

  3. Thank you, Sheriff Jones! Wish there were thousands more like you!
    Please update on how the poor little dog is doing and/or if donations
    are needed.

  4. If you’re THAT busy, why even have a dog!?! Man, Ohio seems to be going downhill fast! On cleveland.com on an article about a poor dog who was returned to a shelter after only 3 days almost every comment was that he was a vicious dog, even though that wasn’t the reason for him being returned and there was no mention of the dog EVER being vicious, and should be euthanized. In fact, these people suggested the whole breed be exterminated, he was labeled a “Pit Bull”. I have NEVER seen soo many “Pit Bull” hater comments. Dumb is dangerous, GET A DAMN CLUE OHIO!!

  5. Too busy, my fat aunt! They’re never wretchedly skinny abusers which means they’re not to feed themselves three times a day and doubtless they would never forget to eat either. How hard is it to put out one more bowl of food for their precious animal? Not hard,just sheer laziness to the enth degree. Put her behind bars on bread and water for a few years (only because you would be breaking the law not to feed her). Make her pay all costs – for care of the poor sweet dog plus all other case-related costs.


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