Woman allegedly starved pit bull to death

Woman arrested – accused of starving her pit bull to death

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A woman in Omaha, Nebreska, was arrested for allegedly starving her pit bull to death. According to multiple sources, 25-year-old Ayeshea Colbenson taken into custody on Wednesday; she is facing a felony count of animal neglect or abandonment resulting in death.

The allegations

Colbenson allegedly kept her pit bull, Bella, locked in a kennel and denied the dog food, reports WOWT News. Bella’s body was picked up by animal control on January 1 after she phoned the Nebraska Humane Society to report that her dog had died. Colbenson reportedly admitted to investigators that her dog died in the kennel. A necropsy on Bella’s body determined that starvation was the cause of death.

On the day that Colbenson was arrested, officials discovered that she had already taken possession of a new pit bull. That dog was seized and taken to the Nebraska Humane Society.

As reported by Omaha.com, Colbenson has a history of animal neglect – since 2016, there have been five animal complaints against her. Keeping her dog inside of a kennel, without access to food or water, is among the list of complaints.

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9 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Did I read correctly that she has done this before? Animal cruelty and she was allowed to get another dog? Tie her up, put her in the same kennel as the dog, and let her rot there.Eye for an eye punishment to these vermin who continue to do this to animals. Maybe the word will get out to others who do this that this is what will happen to them.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    Apparently she LIKES to Watch Pain and Suffering!!!! This Overly Fed SWINE needs to be dealt with in the Nebraska Correction System or She will continue to Starve the Pets she is Responsible while she sits and eats cookies, candy and other items while she watches them perish inch by inch… this Bitch is beyond mentally ill… She is a Psychopathic Demon!!!

  3. Melissa Gurley says:

    She should NEVER be allowed to own another animal she is one sick person to watch your dog die of starvation I will be praying she gets jail time please make an example out of her instead of letting her do this over and over again what is wrong with the law in this state

  4. Robert Mendenhall says:

    Lock that fat ass up that had no problem feeding their own face I has no care in the world for any other human life throw away the key and make her work it off for a very long time Behind Bars very long time


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