Woman accused of stealing and burning dog

Woman accused of stealing and fatally burning dog

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A woman in Hershey, Pennsylvania, is accused of stealing someone’s dog and then setting the dog on fire. According to multiple sources, police discovered the burning remains of the dog at the home of 25-year-old Kathryn Grecia, who was known to the dog’s owner.

The victimized dog was a one-year-old poodle mix named Bambi. The dog was taken from her home in Hummelstown, and her owner, who has not been named, alerted the authorities that Grecia was believed to be responsible.

Three days after Bambi was reported stolen, police found her burning body at Grecia’s home – the remains were sent away for DNA testing by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

As reported by PennLive, Grecia is facing multiple charges for the cruel incident, including aggravated cruelty to animals, tampering with evidence and theft. She was arrested on February 14 and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on February 26.

(Booking photo of suspect/Grecia)

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12 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    The woman obviously knew who took her dog and it took the police 3 days to find Bambi? The POS that took the dog deserves to be treated like she treated this poor dog! She’s Glad it wasn’t my dog or I would be sitting in jail, and she would be in a hospital!

  2. Adrienne says:

    This woman is bat crazy and needs to be in jail forever. Whatever the reason or connection between this vile monster and the owner, I can’t imagine anyone doing this to a one year old poodle mix. Bambi must have suffered so and that is exactly what needs to be done to this woman. There would be a line for those of us who would want to torch her to pieces. Hope she rots in jail and that a dog lover gives her what she truly deserves. RIP Bambi

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    Another Love Interest Gone Wrong so the Poor Companion animal is the one tortured and more than likely Burned Alive…. An Enema with a 38 special should be administered to purify the White/Gray Matter of the Malfunctioning Brain of this Evil Bitch… What a Horrific thing to do to the poor Dog that had no idea what was going to happen to her…. SICKO !!! SICKO !!! Bitch…

  4. Bev Woodburn says:

    Burn this vile and evil psychopathic depraved bitch Kathryn Grecia to death. And make sure this evil bitch suffers
    in excruiciatingf agony as precious and innocet little Bambi endured. An eye for an eye.
    The victimized innocent and helpless Bambi was a one-year-old poodle mix.
    Their are monster on our planet and this vile and evil animal torturing monster Kathryn Grecia is definitely one.
    This vile and evil psycho bitch must be eradicated from our planet earth. Why should this evil bitch be allowed to live and breath the air.
    Kill IT!!!!!!!!!
    Rest in peace little Bambi. You now have crossed the beautiful Rainbow Bridge into beautiful Animal Heaven.
    There are no vile and evil subhuman Monsters in Animal Heaven. Fly high little Bambi.

  5. Bev Woodburn says:

    Just the look of that psychopathic depraved pea size brain animal torturing monster Kathryn Grecia shows what a monster this fucking animal torting evil bitch she is.
    Burn the vile and evil bitch alive. Let her suffer in excruiciating agony as precious and innocent little Bambi endured.
    Kill it! Kill it! Kill it! Eradication from our planet is a must. Burn in hell for an eternity Kathryn Grecia you vile and evil monster from hell. .

  6. Bunny Peters says:

    Pure Evil…… There
    Is a reserved space in Hell waiting for this horrible POS who did this cruel act to this precious, innocent treasure. This POS will burn forever for her cruelty…… (hope she dies ASAP: alone, in pain, in horrible circumstances and afraid…… the same as this innocent furbaby died)……

    The terror and pain that this furbaby suffered makes me cry…… Precious treasure, your life was stolen from you (& your life mattered). I am absolutely heartbroken for your trauma & death. So sorry that you were failed so horribly by humans…..

    Please look for MacKitty in Heaven and he will welcome you into his snuggle buddies group. You can RIP amongst his loving friends……..


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