Woman cruelty debarking dogs

Woman accused of cruelty for illegal debarking procedure on dogs

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A woman in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty for an illegal debarking procedure performed on her dogs. According to multiple sources, 47-year-old Annie Beiler hired an Iowa woman to perform the illegal procedure to render several dogs incapable of barking.

KLEWTV reports that the cruel procedure was carried out by Denise Felling – a former veterinarian who has been jailed for debarking dogs with a rod which is shoved down the dog’s throat to sever the vocal cords. Beiler told the authorities that she paid Felling $60 to perform the debarking procedure.

Beiler has been ordered to surrender all of her dogs and put on two years of probation. As reported by AJC.com, the 55-year-old former veterinarian pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty charges, jailed and her veterinary license was revoked in Iowa.

(Booking photos of Beiler and Felling)


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