Wildlife officials killed a bobcat kitten

Wildlife officials killed bobcat kitten who wandered into school

A bobcat kitten, who wandered into a private school in Eugene, Oregon, was killed last week by wildlife officials. As reported by KOIN News, the young bobcat wandered into Oak Hill School last week, and Oregon Fish and Wildlife officials decided to kill it, citing “abnormal behavior” as the reason for the lethal decision.

In a release, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) explained:

Bobcats are usually not considered a human safety threat due to their small size. However, this bobcat’s abnormal behavior led wildlife biologists to consider it a public nuisance and potential human safety threat were it to claw or bite someone.

The young bobcat was bludgeoned to death, sparking outrage among animal lovers. Kelly Peterson, Oregon senior state director of the Humane Society of the United States, commented on the kitten’s death, “There is no excuse for such an inhumane action when, as we’ve seen with the second bobcat who was found at the same school and released unharmed earlier this week, the first kitten could have easily received that same treatment.”

The other kitten found at near the same school is believed to be a sibling to the bobcat which was killed by blunt force trauma to the head. This kitten did not make it inside of the school building and was released after being examined. ODFW stated:

ODFW’s physical evaluation of the bobcat showed it to be healthy. The bobcat had no signs of active infection or injury. Blood tests and X-rays also did not reveal any health issues.

The kittens may have been orphaned or abandoned, or possibly were just striking out on their own for the first time.

Individuals who want to voice their opinion on this kitten’s killing can direct correspondence to:

Joe Stack, ODFW Wildlife Biologist
541-726-3515 x27
Email: Joseph.P.Stack@state.or.us

503-947-6000 or 800-720-ODFW
Email: odfw.info@state.or.us

(Stock image via Pixabay)

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