Wildlife officials kill bear after it went for ‘farmer’s beehive’

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Wildlife officials in Steamboat Springs, Colorado killed a bear early last week when the hungry animal attacked a farmer’s beehive. The bear had previously been relocated, but it had been reported getting into several residential dumpsters.

According to the Steamboat Pilot, the two-year-old cinnamon-colored black bear had been in search of food after a long winter of hibernation. Prairie Protection of Colorado’s Facebook page, an animal advocacy group, expressed their frustration and anger.

Prairie Protection Colorado
“Killed for getting into a beehive. This is absolutely heartbreaking and unnecessary. This bear was hungry, and trying to live…and instead of coexisting and understanding that the reason this bear is seeking food from humans is that habitat and food have been destroyed by our species, the solution is KILL.”

Animal advocates are warning neighbors to lock up their trash which naturally attracts the bears.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials, this is the first bear the agency has killed this year. Last year, 18 bears were relocated but eight were killed. Advocates want to know why there aren’t stricter rules for residents leaving trash outdoors?

Privately owned beehives have become more common in the area, and even though electric fencing to apiaries are provided by wildlife organizations, the cost factor seems to determine the life and death of bears. How does one tell a bear he can’t go in search of honey at a farmer’s beehive? What a tragic fate for a young bear.

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