Pet memorial

When a beloved pet dies, how can you appropriately honor them?

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A dog will never break your heart…until the day that he or she dies. If you have shared your life with a dog (or cat, or horse, or ?) for any length of time, you have likely felt the almost unbearable pain of loss. And if you haven’t experienced the enormous pain firsthand, you undoubtedly know of someone who has.

Have you ever grappled with how best to honor the passing of treasured companion? Or an appropriate way to honor a friend or family member’s loss? I have…years ago, my best friend’s golden retriever died. The entire family was heartbroken and I struggled to find a special way to tell them how sorry I was for their loss.

I Googled for ideas – even considering the purchase of a star to name after their beloved dog. In the end, I am not sure what I decided on. Perhaps a card – maybe a framed photo – I honestly don’t remember, which is sad.

Recently, a new and wonderful way to remember pets has been created – Pet Memorials can be created as a lasting tribute to a pet who has passed. For the same price as a card, a memorial can be created and shared on social media. The best part? Profits from the memorials go to the Pet Memorial charity partner, the American Red Lion Disaster Fund (a 501c3 organization which helps pets who are abused, neglected or at risk from a natural disaster).

It is a simple process to create a memorial, and share a favorite photo and a few words about the dog, cat, horse, or other pet who has passed. Pet Memorial’s motto is “Honor One. Save One.”

Find the memorials which have already been created here.

Interested in creating a memorial for your own pet, or a friend or family members? Click here.

(Stock image via Pixabay)

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