What a ‘paw trait’: Woman gets her 17 dogs and cats to pose together

A 30-year-old woman managed to get her 17 dogs and cats to pose for one incredible “paw trait.” It took her two weeks to get the perfect shot, but when one works with animals, one must always be patient and ready for the unexpected.

Kathy Smith who lives in Colwyn Bay, Wales did have her challenges. The dogs were very cooperative and tempted with treats, sat patiently for the photo ops but the cats. Oh, the cats! Ever try telling a cat where to sit and with whom? How many times did Kathy run back and forth with her camera ready hauling the cats onto the back of the couch?

And then came the moment – it was a split second shot. It wasn’t long before they all scattered around the house. Modeling is such hard work.

According to the Daily Mail, Kathy has three German Shepherd (Mishka, Storm and Max), three border collies (Sheba, Ben and Rio), a mongrel called Ruby and Yorkshire Terrier Maltese cross Teddy. She also has  four budgies, several fish and a baby hedgehog in her care.

Kathy admits visitors are shocked when they visit her in her three-bedroom home as the animals run around. Wishing you many more family “paw traits,” and thank you for saving their lives.

(Photo credits screenshots via Kennedy News)

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