Waste management heroes rescue puppy from dumpster

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In Bradenton, Florida, two waste management workers are heroes to a six-month-old puppy rescued from a dumpster Monday afternoon. Some unscrupulous creep abandoned the puppy in a crate inside of a dumpster at the Speedway gas station on State Road 64 and Upper Manatee River Road.

According to Manatee County Animal Services, Ahriel Jones Sr. and Daniel Cormier had been getting ready to empty the dumpster when they saw the puppy’s head pop up over the garbage. Shocked, Cormier alerted his companions, and the men comforted the puppy.

“I petted her on her neck and asked her, ‘Who did this to you? Who put you in here like this? Do you mind if I lift you to get you out?’ Ahriel told AbcNews after discovering the puppy.

Somehow the puppy had escaped from the broken crate and what could have happened to her would have been tragic. In the dumpster, the pup was surrounded by broken furniture – it was as if someone had moved, thrown away the furniture and household objects along with the puppy.

The puppy is now at the Manatee County Animal Services in Palmetto and is doing fine. If you have any information as to her owner or who did this terrible deed, call the MCAS at 941.742.5933.

Many thanks to heroes Ahriel Jones Sr. and Daniel Cormier. You guys rock!

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