Warren man who skinned dog on viral video released early from jail

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The Warren, Ohio man who strangled and skinned a dog and posted the egregious deed on a Facebook video was released early from jail on Friday. Scott Winter, 46, had been sentenced to a year in jail.

According to Fox News, Judge Taryn Heath sentenced Winter to a year in jail in October after he pleaded guilty to violating Goddard’s law protecting companion animals making it a fifth degree felony to knowingly cause serious physical harm to a companion animal. This includes depriving a pet of food, water or shelter or inflicting long-term pain.

Warren Police Department Detective Michael Altiere stated the incident happened months ago, although the video of the horrific act was only recently released on social media. The son, who owned the dog, wanted everyone to know what his dad and his girlfriend had  done to his pet. It is believed the dog was dead when Winter, shown in the video,  stood over the dog hanging from a rope with a bucket underneath it to catch the blood and skinned it.

Authorities found a notebook in the home labeled “dogs” and in it were recipes. It is not known if the remains of the dog were ever used for human consumption.

Winter had been arrested in August along with his girlfriend, Victoria Young, who later admitted the skull and bones found in a fire pit outside of the home had been the remains of the dog. Young served a 90-day jail sentence. She is prohibited from owning any animals and is on probation for the next five years.

Winter has also been placed on five years of probation including one year of supervision, 200 hours of community service but cannot be performed at an animal shelter or humane society. He must also undergo mental assessments and complete all recommendations including taking prescribed medication.

He is prohibited from owning any companion animal or living with someone who has one for the rest of his life.

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Can you imagine?!

Puppy mill heartbreak

13 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of the US justice system. Criminals get everything handed to them at the expense of the taxpayers and victims get shit.

  2. Me' says:

    One year? Jesus at least other states that prosecute filth like this gets alot more time. Should be forced to wear ankle bracelet for the rest of his pathetic life. That is unless Karma reaches this filth.

  3. Jo Reints says:

    WTF is wrong with these people???????
    And the dudes SON; who has to be fairly young considering his fathers age, had to WATCH as HIS DOG was butchered!!!


  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    Excuse me for thinking this POS should have served the whole year! The sentence wasn’t harsh enough in the first place and now he gets out early? Fve years of probation including one year of supervision, 200 hours of community service, mental assessments and complete all recommendations including taking prescribed medication is nothing but the proverbial “slap on the wrist” for a heinous crime like this! .

  5. maxiemom says:

    Sentenced to a year and he’s out already? Whatever happened to justice? He should have been locked up for YEARS!

    I hope the filth’s son has the good sense to stay as far away from his devil sperm donor as possible. I would.

  6. ACE says:

    Disgusting piece of filth! He should never be released. His face /name/address identity everything should be made public and he should be shunned by ALL!

  7. Pamela Garlisch says:

    People of Ohio where this judge is please please please remember her name and vote her out of office! That’s the only way to get things done!

  8. vicki hood says:

    Scott Winter will torture and kill again. We ought to be able to sue the court that was responsible for the dismissal of part of the sentence. Winter is a very dangerous man, along with his girlfriend. A child could be his next victim and the court will fail again. State representatives? Federal law? Something must be done about these court failures, partiality, and ineffective judges, DAs, and the whole system. Even decent citizens with valid claims are not well treated in the courts because of the system.

  9. Bev Woodburn says:

    This lowlife animal torturing monster Scott Winter and his vile and evil girl friend Victoria Young must be put to death. These vile and evil lowlife monsters will continue torturing and deliberately skinning precious and innocent dogs alive which for certain that is what this monster committed against his sons precious pet.
    Just recently 2018 it has been introduced into the Animal Protection Laws that the precious Dogs, Puppies, Cats and Kittens are no longer allowed to be tortured to death and their battered and tortured bodies to be consumed. This sadism and evilness has definitey been banned forever.
    So watch our for these two animal torturing monster so they cannot commit this sadism and evilness against another precious and innocent Dog or Cat.
    Please someone finish these two animal torturing lowlife monsters off – eradication of these lowlife monsters all animal torturing monster is a must asap.
    Vile and evil Scott Winter and his vile and evil girlfriend Victoria Young die you vile and evil pos. slowly. I pray you both suffer the vilest of agonizing deaths.
    Rot in hell for an eternity you lowlife filth.
    RIP little fella.


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