Woman in video abuses puppy

Wanted! Woman who burned puppy’s eye with cigarette

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The authorities are searching for a woman who is seen in a highly disturbing video showing severe abuse of an innocent puppy. In the video, a woman can be seen snuffing out a burning cigarette in the puppy’s eye – the puppy’s snout appears to be bound with tape to prevent it from crying.

According SPCA Singapore, the video, which was circulating on WhatsApp, also shows the woman breaking the puppy’s legs.

Wanted - woman who was abusing puppy in video

It is unclear if the abuse took place in Singapore, but the animal welfare agency is “exploring all possibilities.”

Tips wanted!

If you know the identity and whereabouts of the woman, please provide the information to the relevant agency in your country. Alternatively, you can contact us at inspector@spca.org.sg and SPCA Singapore will relay the message in strict confidence.

The animal welfare agency asks that the video not be circulated, explaining:

There are syndicates that profit from animal torture films, including some that are produced for sexual fetish.

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7 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Beyond cruel and disgusting. Pure EVIL….. This horrible POS will burn in Hell for eternity for her cruelty…….
    I pray for justice for that poor puppy (& all the others tortured)…….

  2. Pennys dachshunds says:

    Heroin Addict ! Prostitute! Animal Abuser! This Putrid Woman Is Not Fit to Be Walking on this Planet… I hope someone was able to find and save the Little Pup before she Hacked the poor little one to Bits & Pieces!!!!

    • Denise says:

      Evil freaking cunt!!!?????? she does not deserve to be living! I hope she gets caught and have her evil ugly eyes burned out and her arms and legs broken! What a horrible disgusting evil thing to do to this poor puppy! I wish I could find out if it was ever rescued!?

  3. Joan Faszczewski says:

    This women did the unthinkable. She should go to prison for what she did. I love my dog I will make sure no harm will be done to her.

  4. Cindy Armstrong says:

    OMG when is this abuse going to stop ! The girl who done this should have the same thing done to her. She belongs in Hell.


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