Visitor heaves owner’s small dog into dumpster because he was ‘tired’

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In Wareham, Massachusetts, a visitor from New Hampshire took the homeowner’s dog and threw it into a dumpster because he was “tired, had not slept, and the dog would not stop bothering him.”

According to the Wareham Department of Natural Resources,  officers were dispatched to the Lakeside Trailer Park after reports of a man seen tossing a dog into a dumpster. When officers arrived, a man had been pulling a small black and white dog out of a commercial dumpster. Officer Jamie Mcintosh approached the man who identified the dog as his own.

A witness stated he saw the man leave the home with the dog in his arms, approach the dumpster and lift the dog over his head and threw the pet into the dumpster.

The dog’s owner stated James Balboni, 28, had been staying at his home and threw the dog into the dumpster because he was tired. He now faces animal cruelty charges.

The dog did not suffer any physical injuries and has been reunited with his owner.

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  1. THIS is a CLASSIC of “REALLY KNOW WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE”” What a Bastard He Can Stay in a Cell Block and Get some Rest!!!

  2. If I were the owner of that dog I would have been seen throwing James Balboni into the dumpster when the police arrived! Just the place a piece of garbage that would throw a small dog into said dumpster, should reside! Something tells me James Balboni, won’t be welcome in this man’s home again!

  3. Good thing I wasn’t there. That POS would be in the morgue (& I would be headed to prison)……
    I wouldn’t tolerate anyone harming a family member (including dogs, cats & horses)……


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