Visibly weak starving polar bear wandered into major Russian city

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A visibly weak, starving polar bear strayed hundreds of miles from her home in the Arctic on Tuesday and wandered into the major Russian city of Norilsk in northern Siberia. The female was the first polar bear seen in the city in more than 40 years.

According to the Guardian, the seemingly ill bear collapsed on the ground as she desperately tried to sniff out food; her feet had been caked in mud.

“She is still moving around a factory, under observation by police and the emergency services, who are ensuring her safety and those of residents,” stated an environmental specialist.

The polar bear was first seen on Sunday, and a team of specialists are expected to arrive to determine the fate of the animal on Wednesday. A local wildlife specialist thought the bear might have just been lost stating her eyes were very watery and possibly couldn’t see well enough.

There seems to be little doubt that climate change has caused the bears to move inward towards land to find food, thus bringing them in contact with developed areas and people. Earlier in the year, a state of emergency had been declared in a remote but inhabited area of northern Russia when dozens of hungry bears wandered into buildings and homes searching for food.

Updates to follow.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Wow!!! I know for sure that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a starving polar bear…..

    I truly hope she can be sedated, saved by people who understand her needs and relocated to a safer area (far away from people) & that she can survive…….

    I know that I am asking for a lot, but I am hoping that St. Francis is listening…….. this poor bear really needs help (not to be killed simply because she is starving and in a bad place)…….


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