Viral video shows woman dragging dog behind electric scooter

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In Bakersfield, California, a viral video showed a woman appearing to drag a small dog behind an electric scooter. The video was captured on the home surveillance camera belonging to James Dowell on Sunday afternoon.

Brandon Sanders posted on Facebook that he encountered the woman on the scooter who had been going at least 15 mph dragging the small dog by a leash on its side. While no one could see how badly the dog was injured on his side as he was being dragged, Sanders said the dog’s paws had been bloodied and he had been pulled at least a 100 yards.

“I know this event touched a lot of people including myself and although I don’t like to post things of his nature, I felt that this type of behavior needed to be posted to at a a MINIMUM, at least bring awareness to  others about these types of actions,” Sanders posted.

According to the online discussions, authorities have identified the woman and have been to her home, but have not spoken to her nor have met or been able to check on the condition of the dog.

Updates to follow.

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7 replies
  1. Terry says:

    Why do people just pull out the phone and video it but do nothing else call the police, stop her knock her ass off the scooter. Get in front of it and stop her.

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    They have not spoken to the woman????? What are they doing, standing around with their fingers up their butt? They have a clear case of animal abuse here! Arrest her and take the poor dog away from her! Do your job!

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    It’s that brain-eating disease again … She should be dragged behind a scooter for at least a hundred miles! Also, there MUST BE folliow up on the condition of the dog!

  4. B(SilverWolf) C says:

    UPDATE (6:15 p.m.): Bakersfield Police Sgt. Brian Holcombe told Eyewitness News that the dog in the video was located and officers confirmed it received medical treatment and is expected to fully recover. The investigation remains open.

    Thank you to James Dowell’s home security cameras.
    And Brandon Sanders on the bike stopping to confront this evil soul.

  5. Bunny Peters says:

    SMH: WTF is wrong with this POS dragging a small Chihuahua on the street? WTF is wrong with Animal Control??? WHY didn’t they speak with this POS and WTF didn’t they check out the condition of this poor dog??? WHY isn’t this precious little treasure @ the veterinary hospital getting pain medications and treatment (“road rash” MUST be painful)??? One can fix many things, but one can’t fix stupid……. this poor precious little treasure is being failed by most of the humans involved……..

    I truly believe that anyone who is deliberately cruel to others (people or animals) will burn in Hell forever for their cruelty…..

    I hope and pray that this precious little treasure is rehomed into a loving furever family where he will be treated as the precious little treasure he is!!!


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