Viral video shows smiling man stomping turtle to death

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In Greenville, North Carolina, a viral video showing a man stomping a turtle to death, has led to the 20-year-old man’s arrest on Monday. According to the Greenville NC, Police Department, Devin Antonie Simpson has been arrested.

“Over the weekend, followers near and far –as far away as South Africa! — messaged us after a video surfaced online of a man killing a turtle by kicking and jumping on it.

The individual has since deleted the video, but it was too late. Someone in the community had the forethought to record the video and send it our way,” the police department posted on their Facebook page.

Police were able to identify Simpson within hours of the post and video which has been subsequently deleted. Oddly, while sitting to have his mugshot taken, Simpson smiled.

“Mr. Simpson may be smiling in his mug shot, but trust us when we say, this is not laughing matter. He is now facing felony animal cruelty charges,” the police added.

Many thanks to the community for helping the police in this alleged case of felony animal cruelty against Simpson.

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  1. Larry says:

    What a low-life. The Japanese had a way to deal with scumbags like him. First, force him to eat a large quantity of rice. Then pour a large quantity of water down his throat. The rice will expand with the water. Then someone (big and heavy) can jump up and down on his stomach until it bursts. Let’s see if he is still smiling afterwords.


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