Viral video shows man pulling shepherd on leash while driving car

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On Saturday, a video showed a man pulling a German shepherd on a leash while driving his car in Chicago. By Monday, Nelson Benitez, authorities had charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.

According to eyewitness , Cory Rojas, who recorded the disturbing incident in Labagh Woods Nature Preserve on the northern side of the city, the woman could be heard in the video yelling at the man to stop his car. Benitez had been holding the dog’s leash out of the driver’s side window and pulling the German shepherd at the same time.

Cary Rojas posted the video on her Facebook page and asked for help:

“WE NEED YOUR HELP! This man was dragging this German Shepherd with his car at Lebaugh woods. He was driving while having the dog on leash outside the car. The dog was limping and falling behind CLEARLY STRUGGLING.

His license plate is not registered to him and we cannot get his name. The cops said that the worse that could happen is that he gets ticketed.

UNACCEPTABLE. This is ANIMAL ABUSE and should be heard in front of a judge.


1- Offer any information you can as to the identity of this man

2- Spread this video like wildfire so that the authorities get the message that we will not allow this in Chicago. Without your support, these acts get swept under the rug.

3- Offer any ideas as to how we can spread this video. Where else can it be shared ?

Please send and information to [email protected]
Police #:
Case #0000341″

During the video, the dog slowed down and stopped, but then was being pulled by the car. The woman could be heard yelling loudly for the man to stop and told him she was calling the police. The Cook County Forest Preserve Police arrived at the scene and investigated the incident. The man did get out and put the dog in the car.

“Based on interviews about the account, inspection of the dog, and conditions in the home, our officers determined there was not cause for removal of the animal,” the Forest Preserve Police said in a statement later in the day.

If found guilty, Benitez faces from one day to one year in jail. It is not clear if the dog has been removed from the home.

Check out the video:

Photos of man pulling shepherd and videos via Cary Rojas. Mug shot via Cook County Forest Preserve Police.

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  1. Illinois has very tough animal abuse laws but the question is……will they be enforced? I do hope they press charges and take the dog away from him he has no sense!


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