Video shows woman abandoning elderly dog and 10 cats by road

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Surveillance video captured a woman abandoning an elderly dog and 10 cats alongside a road in Ruskin, Florida. The illegal act took place near the C.A.R.E. Animal Shelter, which reached out to the public for assistance on June 4:

Community we need your help!!!
Do you recognize this person or car?

Earlier today they were seen dumping 10 cats and an elderly dog near the shelter on 27th st.

Unfortunately only one cat was caught and the rest ran off.

The dumping of animals is illegal and we need your help in identifying this person. Please PM us if you have any information on who this is.

Please share this post. It is not ok to abandon your pets to fend for themselves.

As reported by Fox 4 Now, the no-kill animal shelter had turned the woman and her animals away a short time earlier because their facility is full. The shelter stated:

The individual who dumped the animals had been given a long list of other places she could take them to. She had the resources and information but chose to not help them and instead turned them loose.

Though efforts have been made to find the abandoned pets, only one cat has been captured.

Video shows woman who abandoned cats and dog

Find the no-kill shelter on Facebook here.

(Images via C.A.R.E. Facebook page)

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    I hope and pray the others can be located and rescued!
    There must be a “very special” place in HELL for those with NO HEARTS!


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