Video shows founder of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue pushing puppy

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In Bakersfield, California, a video circulating on social media has caused a lot of criticism for the founder of the popular Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue. The organization’s founder, Zach Skow is shown sitting on the floor pushing a small white puppy away.

Animal advocate Emily Randolph Hansen posted the video, said to have been originally recorded in May, and stated she had waited months for the rescue’s board of directors to address the incident, but nothing had ever been done. The puppy that had been pushed had recently undergone surgery and was still wearing his protective Elizabethan collar..

“**live video was posted on their fb page on 5/5/19 this is a screen recording of it in case it was since removed. Video / posts of him talking about the puppy needing surgery again are still up (posted 5/7/19 for example- screen recorded snippet added to this post on 8/15/19 in case they remove that video)”

On Wednesday, Marley’s Mutts Director of Operations, Mike Lightfoot explained Skow had not been feeling well that day, however the video was not indicative of how Skow treats animals. The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mark Fox also defended Skow, stating he is dedicated to helping and rescuing animals. Fox did apologize for Skow pushing the puppy, but wanted to assure everyone this kind of action is not typical of the founder’s behavior.

Zach Skow also issued a statement apologizing for his action.

“It was an imperfect decision in the midst of trying to balance a lot of things at the end of a very hard day. I messed up and I own up to it. I just hope that people look at the breath of all of our work, my work in this field and understand that this is not indicative of my hear and how I operate.”


Video here:

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6 replies
  1. LizB says:

    He should be fired. His excuse is not good enough. He is charged with caring for defenseless animals so there are no excuses for aggressive behavior.

    • laura bridgford says:

      seriously people he had one 2 second situation which he apologized for. In 15 years of rescue one 2 second incident. He you guys want to throw him under the bus. I am well aware of what animal abuse looks like. AND SORRY BUT THIS AIN’T IT. Did this video show a pattern of abuse NO IT DID NOT. So as is the case lately a person did not investigate into this and i am sickened by societies need to drag good people through the mud.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    I couldn’t watch the entire video, I was so upset…… Unbelievable…….. NOT OK…….. VERY cruel action…….

  3. shelly hosselton says:

    So indicative of today’s soceital knee jerk reactions to everything they see and hear. On his website and Instagram if you take the time to look you will see this very short snippet is perfectly designed to so a split second reaction. This is a good man who has done a lot of good for many many dogs. Judging someone or a situation of which you know nothing about and calling for him to be fired is ridiculous.


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