Video shows Arkansas couple beating a dog and choking a cat

In Alexander, Arkansas, a man and a woman face animal cruelty charges after authorities accused them of beating a dog and choking a cat in videos posted on social media on Sunday.

According to the Saline County Sheriff’s Office and the Bryant Police Department, after speaking with suspects Marlin Simms, 18, and Katherine Farmer, 21,  officers determined these were the two people involved in the disturbing video. Sgt. Todd Crawson, spokesperson for the Bryant Police Department, described the video as allegedly showing Simms hitting the dog with a belt and Farmer choking a cat she had wrapped in a towel.


Simms and Farmer have both been charged with animal cruelty. Two cats and a dog were seized from the home and are under the care of animal care.

“Great work to all the officers, deputies and animal control for stepping in and rescuing these pets from the abuse they were getting.”

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