Video of dog sitter beating scared pets leads to RSPCA investigation

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At a British day care center for dogs in Lancashire, disturbing video has emerged on social media showing a dog sitter “beating yelping dogs” and then warning them to “shut up.”

According to the Lancashire Telegraph, the Mucky Pups Doggy Day Care Center on Harwood Road in Rishton, videos were recorded by former employee Chelsea Devine, 19. between September and December who then turned over the proof to the RSPCA. One video showed a man pick up a Labrador retriever by the scruff of the neck, repeatedly hit it and then throw the defenseless pet across the room – the dog whimpered and cried.

“JUST TO STATE THE ABUSE WAS NOT GOING ON THE WHOLE YEAR I WAS THERE!! It was little things like the dogs weren’t aloud to pay ball, they weren’t aloud to play together then when John came and worked full time that’s when the abuse started happening!
So I worked here just short of a year and this is what starting going on behind closed doors!
This vile man is John Walker and his daughter is Lauran Walker who owns mucky pups! Laurans post saying that her dad was bitten is a lie!! Even if he was to be bitten that is no excuse to hurt someone’s dog! Yes I recorded as I needed evidence against them or no one would believe anything I said! Dogs absolutely terrified to be a dog! It’s not right and it’s not ok!!The place is disgusting and needs shutting down! She knew exactly what was going on and I have no reason to lie! She would also use shock collars and tell her costumers it was a vibrating collar which was a lie! Anyone has any questions or anything they want to ask they are more than welcome to contact me, rspca are involved and the telegraph have everything too!,” Chelsea posted on her Facebook page.

In other videos, the man, identified as John Walker, 67, could be seen hitting a dog with a broom and hitting a dog on its face so hard, the noise could be heard on the video footage.

Devine stated she had informed the owner of the doggy daycare about the abuse, however her complaints were ignored. On Friday, the Facebook page for the group was deactivated, but not before issuing the following statement:

“We are currently aware of the videos circulating Facebook, they are distressing but aren’t the full story, the man in the video has been bitten in one of the videos because he has had to intervene to stop any harm coming to the other dog.

These videos were captured by an ex-apprentice who’s gone to the newpapers first before informing me, the RSPCA or her colleague.

The police aren’t taking it further due to the circumstances the man was in, the girl was sat there videoing instead of helping.

No dogs were hurt or had gone home injured. Legal action is in place and we will get our name cleared.

We thank you to all our loyal customers who have contacted our business first to verify the facts.”

WARNING: Disturbing and graphic. (Copy and paste url into your browser)

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  1. Apparently, these two are REMEDIAL TURDS, because they don’t even have the sense to refrain from making a “detailed” statement BEFORE the video is viewed in it’s ENTIRETY and BEFORE law enforcement has stated no action will be taken. Mark my words…they’ll be crying like babies and saying it’s so unfair as they’re CHARGED with FELONY animal cruelty. Astounding how many people really think they’re above the law and can TORTURE any living entity weaker than they. RSPCA will NOT screw around, they can and will charge IF evidence proven true, then their business will go under and TRUE animal lovers will dance a jig.

  2. After watching the ENTIRE list of “episodes”, this man is a SADISTIC demon. While I can understand a firm hand is needed with “some” dogs, the parts that were absolutely INFURIATING was when this bastard hit a dog TO THE GROUND for just STANDING where it ALREADY WAS and another KNOCKED in the head for HOLDING a BALL!!! He needs his ass beat until he’s blind, crippled and deaf, along with his LYING, EVIL daughter!!! ANYONE living around here ought to be DEMANDING they’re SHUT DOWN until a FULL investigation is completed. They are BEATING DOGS!


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