Video of dog being abused spurs animal cruelty charge

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In Colorado Springs, the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region charged the owner of a dog with animal cruelty after a video showing a teenager hitting and kicking the animal on Sod House Trail went viral on Tuesday.

According to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, one complaint for leaving a dog 14 hours outdoors with improper shelter has been filed against the dog’s owner, Christian Hurtado,

In September, a complaint accompanied by a video, showed a teen lighting fireworks in front of the dog while the dog was tied to a tree. The kid hit and kicked the dog multiple times as the dog barked from fear as well as excitement. When animal enforcement officers went to the home, there were no visible injuries to the dog since the viral video had been filmed months earlier.

“In this case, because the video was given to us in September even though it was taken in July, we couldn’t find any injuries to the dog when we investigated. We are sad to say animal laws are largely reactive, not proactive; we can’t charge based on what might happen in the future but rather what has happened. The video is difficult for us to watch too, but because the dog has no injuries at this time, and he is not in life-threatening danger, legally, our officers can’t remove him. This can be very challenging for our officers, but we only have the authority the laws give us. If we take a pet without probable cause, the courts will order us to return it, and the cycle will continue.”

The family of the 11-year-old dog named Beast insisted there was no abuse.

“Don’t feel like my son was abusing my dog — its not like he was breaking his jaw…..” the mother of the kid kicking and hitting dog in video stated ….. My son did get punished for this, he had to go in he had a court date– he had to go to court for the video,” the mother explained. “He got punished, he got his phone taken away. We asked him ‘were you hitting the dog and he said no..?’ because to him that wasn’t hitting the dog that he hit with his leg and slapped with his hand,” reported Fox News according to the teen’s mother.

The family stated they love Beast and don’t want him removed from their home. It’s now up to the judge.

If you see something, say something. Don’t wait for someone else to report abuse. Be the voices for those who cannot speak.

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  1. michelle mitchell says:

    This mentally deranged scumbag who abused this poor dog must have the death penalty implemented.I am ready,willing and able to perform this procedure ensuring that this scumbag drug addict endures a slow and agonising death!!! OH YESSS!!!! This poor severely abused dog must be re-homed without further delay.


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