Video captures couple abandon 5 Chihuahuas along side of road

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In Colorado City, Texas, a video surveillance camera caught a man and a woman abandon 5 Chihuahuas in three small cages on Friday night.

According to KtxsNews, Colorado City’s Pets Needing Parents Animal Rescue saw the couple get out of a small pickup truck and leave the dogs in front of the rescue ranch. Jill Lynch, a director of the animal rescue organization found the dogs in the morning. The older dogs had been left for 14 hours with no food or water.

An investigation as to the owners of the dogs revealed they had been at a breeding farm and unsocialized.

“Fozzie Bear is almost feral.
(All of the 5 are completely unsocialized)

They seems to have had almost zero socialization and are wildly distrusting.

We are working with them slowly. They are learning trust but it is slow moving and they are terrified.

We understand some are frustrated, that we actively pursued the couple that dumped these 5 dogs. However, we now have found the owners and know that these babies have come from a hoarding/breeding situation.

Apparently, this family has been known for deplorable conditions for their dogs and beyond.

These dogs have zero social skills, the female has been overbred, zero vet care has been given to the animals. All of their teeth, nails, and basic care have been neglected…and this cost is now being transferred to Pets Needing Parents Rescue and our donors,” posted the organization on Facebook.

The Colorado City Police are investigating.

Short video of one of the terrified chihuahuas

(Photos and video via Facebook)

Additional information if you would like to foster, adopt or donate.

1646 West point Ave.
Colorado City, Texas 79512
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(888) 495-5553
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Typically replies within an hour

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I guess if you can say anything positive about this is they did leave them in front of a rescue ranch. Why they didn’t march themselves up and just hand over the dogs is anyone’s guess but I would guess they didn’t want to be outed for being despicable breeders. Too bad, I’m glad they found the POS’s!


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