Veterinarian charged with starving dog and performing unneeded surgery

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In Bridgeport, a veterinarian was arrested on Friday and charged with starving a dog after performing unneeded surgery. Dr. Amr Wasfi, 74, of the Black Rock Animal Hospital, faces charges of animal cruelty and third-degree larceny.

According to Fox News, Animal Control officers had received previous complaints about Wasfi. In December 2018, the vet had been spaying a kitten and allegedly raised his hand, struck the kitten with such force the restraints opened and the intestines “popped out of its incision.” The employee who witnessed the disturbing temper tantrum was fired the next morning.

In February, a client brought his dog, named Monster, to the animal hospital. The dog had originally presented with a limp and was told by Wasfi that Monster had a sprained knee. The dog was prescribed pain medication  and sent home. A week later Monster was still limping, and when the owner and the dog returned, Wasfi stated the dog had a fractured pelvis and needed a surgical screw to repair the damage.

For the next six-weeks, it was excuse after excuse why the owner was not allowed to see his dog.

When the owner was forced to call the police to get his dog back, Monster had dropped 17 pounds, weighing less than before he went into the pet hospital. Monster’s owner went to another vet who determined the $3,300 surgery performed on the dog had not been needed, and the dog had been suffering from an infection at the surgical site. Monster had also been deprived of food for at least ten days.

Wasfi has been released on bond and is scheduled to appear in court on May 8.

(Photo of veterinarian charged with animal cruelty via Bridgeport Police)

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    HELL is anxiously waiting for this DEMON on EARTH! How is Monster doing? Did the kitten survive? Are donations needed? Please provide updates.


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