Handsome boy struggling at shelter

Urgent – handsome old boy struggling at shelter

An urgent plea for help has been issued for an old boy who is struggling at a shelter. The dog, name Koda, is at the Dekalb County Animal Services facility in Georgia.

On Tuesday morning, a Facebook post was created on Koda’s behalf:

Koda is a goofy senior pup with a loving personality. He enjoys prancing around outside with a ball in his mouth. His tail is constantly wagging, and if you hit just the right spot he will roll over for a belly rub! He is struggling to stay comfortable at the shelter and would be much happier in a foster home.

This senior dog is described as easy-going. Do you know of someone who might have room to foster him until he finds a forever home?

Please email foster@dekalbanimalservices.com if you can help, or if you have any questions about Koda. Thank you for taking a moment to share this article on Koda’s behalf!

(Image via Dekalb County Animal Services Facebook page)

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Wait, what?!

Don’t cry little one

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