Update: Traumatized blind senior stripped of his collar by owner

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On Friday, a blind senior was traumatized after his family left him at the Carson Animal Care Center in California. Indigo, the 10-year-old Pomeranian, was stripped of his collar and his harness. For a few moments he just stood there, but suddenly reality set in – he was staying while his family was leaving. Indigo shook like a leaf.

In the heartbreaking video, the owner who claimed Indigo was “fearful” watched as his dog stood still as an officer removed his collar and harness. When a rope was tied around Indigo’s tiny neck, Indigo watched as his owner turned around and left; he cried, he jumped, and then he fell over.



By Saturday morning, Indigo was rescued by Leave No Paws Behind.

 “While I try not to judge, this was a tough one for me, this touched me so hard I actually had tears in my eyes  I will not go down that road and hold on to my anger for Indigo’s sake. I am grateful he only had to spend 24 hours scared, confused and so uncertain of his fate I am grateful he is now safe from all harm, getting much needed medical treatment and that he will soon realize he will never again be tossed aside, abandoned and he will never see the inside of a shelter again,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

Now check out Indigo’s freedom video:

And on Sunday, the little guy seemed to be perky again.

“Happy Sunday from Indigo His blood work came back pretty good, his appetite is great, his ears are a mess however treatment was started yesterday  He is alert and starting to feel more relaxed and social  It only gets better from here little man 

This little guy is in need of a loving foster in the So Ca area, email info@leavenopawsbehind.com”

To help Indigo’s medical coverage, donations can be made by clicking here.

Read previous coverage of Indigo here.

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3 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Thank you, dearest rescue angels! Also–a “special” thanks to Carson Animal Care. I notice they are now giving their animals more and more second chances!

  2. Pennysdachshunds says:

    CARSON I HAVE to EAT a lot of the Angry Words I have hurled at Your Uncaring Manner in the Past !!! Please Keep up the Good Work!!!

  3. Dalma Bugg says:

    Oh, this update has made my week. I had been feeling sad for precious Indigo fo having loved a family who didn’t love him the same way. Thank you so much for turning his life around rescue angels. Each of them is very deserving, but none more deserving than this tiny shelter mate. Have a wonderful new long lease on life beautiful Indigo. ??????


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