Update: Six Labrador retrievers killed after dental implants experiments

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Six Labrador retrievers were euthanized at the end of a medical trial experiment for dental implants in a Swedish laboratory on Tuesday. Despite the protests and thousands of commitments from animal advocates all over the world, the University of Gothenburg decided to kill the young dogs.

The dogs had been used to test how dental implants cause inflammation and skeletal degradation. The dogs were sedated six times, had 35 percent of their teeth removed, and then were euthanized.

According to Djurrattsalliansen (Animal Rights Alliance);

“The six labradors Venus, Milia, Mimosa, Luna, Lotus and Zuri, who have been used in animal testing at the University of Gothenburg, have now been killed. Despite protests against the attempt around the world and thousands of people’s commitment to the dogs’ lives, the University of Gothenburg has now done what we have been fighting together. Now our focus is to stop this attempt from ever happening again.”

Sadly, the one to two-year-old dogs never had a chance to be adopted or be allowed to act or behave like normal puppies and young, playful dogs.

“It is unspeakably heavy to write that we did not succeed and that it was not enough all the way forward. However, in the sadness we now feel, we must not lose hope or forget what power we all have together. We are fighting for another world – a world where animals are not seen as test subjects – and the change that has to happen is going on here and now. Now we are together very many who know about what happens to animals at the university of gothenburg and we will make sure that it will never happen again. It’s important to show that we never forget,” the organization posted on their social media page.

The university has been experimenting on dogs since 1996, and at least 206 dogs have been euthanized at the conclusion of the experiments.

Read the original coverage of the six Labrador retrievers here.

Rest in peace sweet dogs. You deserved better.

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  1. Addie says:

    Animals do not replicate the human anatomy and what happens to us with these situations. Testing these dogs and then killing them was inhumane and cruel and should be considered animal abuse but won’t because supposedly it was testing. Hope enough people and groups can for a change in the laws that allow this to happen to animals.


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