Update: Senior used to be ‘someone’s dog’ but now too old

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Heartbreaking photos tragically told the story of a senior who used to be “someone’s dog” – that is until she got too old. On Friday evening, Dallas DogRRR -Rescue. Rehab. Reform volunteers noticed the dog’s photos at a nearby shelter, and had to zoom in to be sure it was a dog.

“I sent in a tag and picked her up this morning and got her right to the vet. She is a senior with 3 teeth, broken jaw from decay!,” the group posted on their Facebook page.

Now named Jazzy, a few more pieces of her life may have started to fit together. She was picked up as a stray in a southeast suburb of Dallas on Saturday. She wore no collar nor was she micro-chipped; she has various health issues but is heart worm free and her blood tests came back within normal ranges.

Jazzy had been at the veterinarian hospital having her health issues examined. She has been transferred to a foster home where she is now being kept quarantined for a week.

“She is a dear little girl. Very soft, very sweet. Surprisingly mobile and strong. I’d be guessing 14-16 years old maybe?”, the rescue posted on their Facebook page.

And so for Sunday, Jazzy started her morning with soft food and canned chicken. She just happens to be one of those dogs that circles until she finds a comfortable spot and “then flops into a bed nest.”

We’ll be reporting more on Jazzy as her treatment continues.

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