Update on Victoria: Hopeless and over bred our hearts break

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In Rio Grande Valley, Texas, Victoria was found on the side of a busy road. She was so desperate and in such excruciating pain, her instincts led her to hide under a metal platform. Maybe the pain would stop; maybe someone would help her.

Emaciated, weak and with a huge mammary abscess that burst, Victoria rested on the dirty ground. She didn’t know she needed emergency treatment or she would die. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC immediately stepped forward to help. Co-founder, Stacey Silverstein posted the heartbreaking photos on social media, along with the few details known of the dog’s painful past.

Victoria’s story is truly heartbreaking. Veterinarians examining her say she was used for repeated breedings, and her only worth were the puppies she was able to produce for the financial benefit of her owner.

“Her back end is one huge open exposed area. Our vet believes Victoria has a condition called TVT – transmissible venereal tumor from being bred so often,” Stacey posted on the organization’s Facebook page to update supporters. “It’s so bad that it’s impossible to figure out where she pees from.”

The veterinarian hospital is waiting for the results of her biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. When her condition stabilizes, she will need surgery, but as of this time she is too emaciated and weak; Victoria remains on intravenous fluids for constant hydration.

This is truly a “broken dog” in every sense of the phrase.

“Just look into her eyes and she has given up hope. We hope with expert medical we can change her life,” Stacey concluded.

To help Victoria, donations can be made by clicking here or:



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