Update on terribly neglected Hunter: How did his owners sleep at night?

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Hunter was dumped at a South Texas shelter late last week; his owner walked away and was not charged with animal cruelty. How will this egregious treatment of companion animals ever change if there are no consequences? How did his owner sleep at night knowing how badly this dog had been suffering?

Hunter had been suffering for a long time. He is just one-year-old, and to look at him, everyone thought he was a senior dog. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped forward to help, and the dog was immediately transferred from the shelter to an emergency veterinarian hospital in San Antonio where he is receiving life-saving treatment.

“His skin is so severely burned that our vet could not find a vein for an IV to administer fluids,” rescue co-founder Stacey Silverstein wrote on the organization’s social media page to update animal advocates about Hunter’s condition. “His stomach which is a very sensitive area is also completely infected with the same burn like symptoms. We are so angry right now that his owners sat back and allowed Hunter to suffer like this.”

Hunter continues to be administered strong pain medication. He has been placed under anesthesia to debride and scrub much of his necrotic skin.

His condition remains critical.

Read more about Hunter here.



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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    That is a very good question “why wasn’t the owners charged”? I don’t know how they live with themselves letting a dog get into this condition either! They should be made to at least foot the bill for the dog’s medical care! Thank you again Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for stepping up for a dog from Texas!

    • Matt Starzer says:

      I just wanted to poke my head in here and let everyone know that Hunter, through Rescue Dogs Rock, is doing amazingly well. Very loving and smart. He’s up to a healthy 75lbs.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    FOR the Most Part I don’t think There is But a very Minute # of the Population of Texas that “Could Give ONE HEALTHY SHIT about COMPANION ANIMAL”S be it cats, dogs, horses, and maybe just a tiny bit more for their livestock, and only because they get MONEY in their pockets at sale time”!!!!! Golly THAT IS “WHY THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A SHORTAGE OF TOILET PAPER IN THAT STATE ” These uncaring , non-vested so called human beings can just use a Q-tip to wipe!!! I would be totally ashamed to call Texas Home… third world countries in most cases are NO worse than many places and people in Texas… My heart goes out to the Shelter People and Organizations that Work Day and Night Trying to make a Difference to NO AVAIL , the despair , sleepless nights, hopelessness, THEY HAVE TO ENDURE… Governor Abbott … Needs to Get a Set of ” Gonads” and put up a Fight to Make Changes for the better!!!

  3. Addie says:

    Why didn’t the shelter call the police on this owner to at least be charged with animal cruelty and forced to pay all the medical bills that this poor dog will incur. This owner will do the same to another pet and continue this until caught. There should at least be a national registry of those who turn their dogs into a shelter in this condition so that other shelters will know that to allow these scums to adopt another pet because of what they’ve done to previous pets. Thanks to RDR of NYC to come to the rescue again. A group that will work as hard for any animal regardless of their condition. Very worthy rescue.


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