Update on puppy Leo discovered with extremely swollen face

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Leo was brought into a south Texas shelter on Thursday evening. Barely six-months-old, the puppy who still has his baby teeth, face remains extremely swollen. When discovered, Leo could not stand and soon became completely unresponsive.

“We do not know why he’s not moving. Leo was either punched or bitten by another animal, and we will know more soon,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s co-founder, Stacey Silverstein posted on social media, with the heartbreaking photo of the puppy. “Leo just came into the shelter and his face is extremely swollen and he’s unresponsive 
He is barely moving,he can’t stand and he is critically injured. We don’t know why he’s not moving. Leo was either punched or bitten by another animal; we will know more soon.”

As of Saturday afternoon, Leo’s chances of survival are 50/50. Stacey explained Leo’s condition.

“He made it through the night which is pretty remarkable. He had a blood and plasma transfusion and a feeding tube will need to be placed in Leo’s neck as he’s not eating. His potassium and glucose levels are dangerously low which is concerning. His head is still very swollen.”

The puppy remains at Blue Pearl Specialty Veterinary Hospital with 24/7 care. No expense is being spared to save his life. For the first 24-hours of intensive care, Leo’s charges have exceeded $4,500. Donations are needed to help with his care.

Read prior coverage of Leo’s plight here.

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  1. Addie says:

    Pray that they can identify what caused this swelling and treat Leo so that he recovers quickly and adopted by a loving family. What an adorable pup. If only he could talk and tell RDR of NYC what happened. Prayers go out to this sweety.

  2. vicki hood says:

    Have tox screens been done? report? Possible rattlesnake? possible brown recluse? possible black widow? Tell us what has been checked–otherwise it looks like this poor baby is just being used for ongoing donations. How much has been collected so far? I realize blood transfusions and other procedures are expensive but tell us what has been done that would give a clue. This baby will die if whatever poisoned him is not found.

  3. Bev Woodburn says:

    My heart aches for little Puppy Leo. I pray this little boy survives. I feel that a psychopathic deprave animal torturer has tortured little Leo. It just wouldn’t surprise me.
    There are so many of the vile and evil animal torturers and abusers living on our planet who enjoy torturing the innocent and helpless sentient beings. If this is what happens and you find out who is the monster from hell kill the vile and evil monster before this animal torturer, torturers another innocent and helpless precious animal. These monsters end up as serial killers. I just pray my feelings are incorrect.

    • Sam From Maine says:

      Amen to that Bev! I also agree w Vicki that more updates are necessary on precious puppy Leo…if it was a snake/insect bite, surely that would be evident by now? Even if that’s the case, sadly some despicable sub-human still failed this innocent baby, he never should have been left alone out there to fend for himself!

  4. PetMom says:

    Most recent update found on RDR NYC Facebook is dated yesterday Sun Mar 3 shows him awake and swelling reduced. He looks happy. Statement says wound draining and vet staff pleased. Brief update but looks positive.

  5. Sam from Maine says:

    According to rescue dogs rock NYC’s facebook page, Leo appears to be healing from the bite woumd that caused all the swelling. The pic they posted shows him looking way better, though he has a snoutful of stitches. WTG sweet little Leo!!


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