Update on Phoenix: Dog’s story is just beginning

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In Collinsville, Oklahoma, a stray dog was captured on Saturday morning. Sadly, the dog dubbed Phoenix is real; he is the heartbreaking picture of possible extreme animal abuse and neglect.

According to the Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal Rescue, Phoenix had been wandering and scavenging for food. Too many people just looked away. He had been running loose in Collinsville for an extended period of time, and his plight had just been brought to the rescue organization’s attention last week. Phoenix was someone’s dog once upon a time; someone failed him, and this is what happened.

Phoenix is being cared for at Family Animal Medicine – Owasso, Ok. An update had been provided about the dog’s condition.

“We are investigating all possible causes of Phoenix’s condition and running lab work to identify causes of his skin disease. He is being bathed frequently and is on medications to improve his skin health and provide comfort.”

The dog’s treating veterinarians state they are not convinced he has been the victim of malicious acts and continue to investigate his medical condition.

“We were provided evidence from a previous Good Samaritan who has photos of a progression of Phoenix’s facial deterioration. It is possible there may be a medical disease causing his disfiguration. It is important that we do not automatically assume malicious acts. Animals without homes and proper care, without shelter, food and water face so many obstacles; especially if they have an underlying medical issue,” veterinarians wrote.

Phoenix has been made warm and comfortable. Although he may be difficult to look at, his scarring and disfiguaration are not indicative of his quality of life.

Need some proof that Phoenix is enjoying his new environment and the people who are helping him?

Check this out:

And now…. as promised in our earlier post, the first of two videos of sweet Phoenix enjoying some attention and playtime after his first 24 hours under our care. This good boy has a lot of spunk and spirit. The full update is a pinned post on our Facebook page.

Posted by Family Animal Medicine – Owasso, OK on Sunday, November 10, 2019

Still not convinced Phoenix is adapting to his new environment where he is being well fed, well cared for and obviously loved?  Check this out:

Here’s the second video of Phoenix playing earlier today. He is loving the attention and is eager to interact. Look at that tail just waggin’! You can read our full update about how he’s doing on the pinned post on our Facebook page.

Posted by Family Animal Medicine – Owasso, OK on Sunday, November 10, 2019

Follow updates about this boy on Family Animal Medicine Facebook page, and on the Skiatook Paws & Claws Animal Rescue Facebook page.

Donations toward SPACAR’s rescue efforts, and treatment for Phoenix and other animals can be made via the fundraiser link on SPACAR’S Facebook page, or by calling Family Animal Medicine and letting the staff know you would like to make a payment toward the rescue’s account.

When Phoenix is ready to be adopted, it will be handled through Skiatook Paws and Claws Animal Rescue.

10305 N. Owasso Expy
Owasso, Oklahoma 74055
(918) 609-6111

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4 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I would adopt this precious treasure in a heartbeat. I am going to follow his rehab closely and apply. We have disabled rescue dogs and love them for who they are……

    I have many years of experience caring for disabled people and animals (blind, quadriplegic, incontinence, epilepsy)………

    Phoenix would fit right in with our current puppy pack……


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