Parker, dog beaten with baseball bats

Update on Parker, dog beaten with baseball bats

There is updated information about an abused pit bull named Parker. The dog was brought to ACCT Philly after the police confiscated him from people who were beating him with baseball bats. The injured dog was in need of a rescue group to take him in and one has been found!

S. Jersey Freedom Ranch, who took Parker in, writes:

Parker has arrived at the emergency vet. The vet did confirm she believes he was hit with a bat based on the size of his wounds. His legs are very swollen and he is in severe pain.

The most recent update from the rescue agency states that the veterinarian believes that Parker was a “bait dog” who suffered injuries from other dogs, and people. The organization writes:

He is very thin and is eating like he hasn’t had a meal. He is also attempting to eat his own feces. He has not gone potty yet so that is something they will keep an eye out for. They have an IV placed and are giving him antibiotics, pain meds and fluids. From the sounds of it, this guy has lived a horrible life. Starved, used as bait and then beaten. Not anymore Parker. You don’t know what’s coming to you.

Donations are being accepted on Parker’s behalf:

Donations can be via PayPal:

Or directly to the vet under S. Jersey Freedom Ranch acct: Middletown Veterinary Hospital
+1 (302) 378-2342

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