Update on Joshua who had been locked away and left behind

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Joshua was locked up on a back patio for six years. During that time, he was never allowed in the house, so during the cold winters he nearly froze to death, and in the summer, he thought his skin would burn off in the hot, unrelenting Texas sun.

Just one week ago, a neighbor spotted Joshua from outside the gate of an abandoned home. The gate had been locked, and no one was inside; the dog’s heartbreaking story told on social media:

“She [the woman who saved him] first discovered him while she was walking her own dog and heard screaming cries for help. Not knowing what she heard, she went to investigate and saw Joshua hovered under a barbecue, crying and trying to seek shelter.

She saw the desperation in his eyes and how abused and neglected he was.

She saw a kitchen light on and assumed people lived in the home.”

Very upset by the appearance of Joshua, the Good Samaritan went home and called Animal Control reporting the dog’s dire need for rescue. She waited for days and passed him day after day making sure to throw him food and get water over the fence. When the woman decided she could no longer wait, she broke the gate, rescued the dog and brought him home until Rescue Dogs Rock NYC intervened.

Joshua remains at the emergency veterinarian hospital in critical condition, however a slight improvement has been noted. At this time, he is unable to walk on his own and stumbles, but certainly enjoyed a few minutes of fresh air accompanied by the veterinary staff. His radiograms reveal how bent and hunched over he is, but at this time, it is important his health stabilizes before his other medical problems are addressed.

“He is eating and drinking on his own but still on an IV and pain medication,” the rescue’s co-founder, Stacey Silverstein posted on social media. “The sores all over his body are being treated as well. We are hoping each day he gets stronger; he’s shown us a strong will to live which is so incredible.”

Donations to help save his life can be made here.


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Home at last

3 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Thank you RDR of NYC for being there yet again to save a life. Joshua is so lucky that he has you as his saviors and if anything can be done for this poor dog, you can do it. It will be a slow process but with each positive upgrade, Joshua will get better.

  2. Gerri Petersen says:

    The owner of Joshua should go to jail for a long time. The treatment of this poor dog is unforgivable. It is truly a vile, disgusting person who would treat any animal like this!! So glad he has been rescued and I hope for a good recovery from his life of misery & a loving family to adopt him & never let something horrid happen to him again. Good luck sweet Joshua.

  3. Rose says:

    While it’s great that this lady saved the beautiful boy but why did she wait days after calling authorities with him in the condition he was in? I would’ve gotten into that backyard if authorities hadn’t come by the end of the day whether the owners were home or not!


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