Update on emaciated puppy rescued from rural Texas shelter

Near Austin, Texas, a nine-month-old puppy arrived in a rural shelter on Saturday evening in need of someone to rescue her. It was a life or death situation. Her condition was heartbreaking; her description so sad it brought tears to even the most stoic:

“The life of a rural shelter. This sweet baby girl came in tonight and is in need of a savior. She is likely only 9-10 months old and needs an immediate foster or rescue. Her skin is literally peeling off and weeping and she is emaciated. She’s just a baby. She doesn’t have a name yet either, so feel free to offer an inspiring name while you share her so we can find a safe and warm place for her…” the shelter posted on their social media page.

By Sunday evening, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC had coordinated the dog’s rescue and was transferred to the Austin Veterinary Emergency Hospital. Arriving in critical condition, the dog now named Blossom survived the night, but is in need of a blood transfusion as her red blood cells count is nearly non existent.

“She needs Xrays, a sonogram of her stomach to rule out any injuries … She has been on IV fluids throughout the night and the blood transfusion will start shortly, Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization posted earlier updating supporters of Blossom’s medical needs. “Additionally, you can see in the photos a deep laceration on her head which is abscessing and will need surgery once Blossom is stable enough.”

The shelter has supplied more information about Blossom and stated the dog had been thrown out of a vehicle prior to being picked up by animal control officers. Most likely her family just wanted to get rid of her.

Blossom’s veterinary bill has surpassed to over $5,000 for the next 24 hours. To donate and help please click here.

Read previous coverage for Blossom here.\

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