Update on black cat who interrupted Giants losing to Cowboys football game

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When a black cat ran onto the MetLife Stadium field on Monday night, she unknowingly caused quite a commotion without letting out a single meow. The feline situation caused a two-minute delay during the Giants’ 37-18 loss to the Cowboys.

The cat was first spotted on the far end of the field near the end of the second quarter with quarterback Daniel Jones in between plays. The cat left the field in the opposite end zone as officials coaxed her off the field. She then ran away and disappeared under one of the bleacher sections.

So as the healthy looking feline picks her own scratching posts, stadium workers claim she is one of the regulars they feed. According to the New York Post, one of the men affectionately called “Cat Man” at the Rutherford, New Jersey stadium says there are about 300 feral cats in and about the area. They are mostly descendants of “barn cats” brought in years ago when rats were a problem at the racetrack.

The worker told reporters the cats eat up to 11 25-pound bags of dry food a week.

“The ownership [of the MetLife Sports Complex] pays for it, but I kick in 18 to 24 cans of wet cat food each week. They lover the wet food,” he said.

This particular black kitty lives in a tunnel used by stadium security; other cats live in the nearby N.J. Racing Commission offices. Now named “Lucky,” based on the way the cat was able to evade getting injured and the positive vibes she surely must have been feeling, the fanfare has brought the plight of black cats to the public as well as feral cat issues which can be humanely resolved with Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) endeavors which continue to reduce the number of unwanted cats by catching them, neutering or spaying them and then freeing them again to the only way they know how to live. These cats are returned to their familiar environments and hopefully are cared for by volunteers who provide food, shelter and veterinary care.

In response however, the MetLife Stadium denied they are overrun by cats and just said they have a few cats once in awhile roaming around the area. They also denied feeding the cats.

Rumor has it that the Cowboys would love to have that cat. We would have to ask the kitty who she favors for the Super Bowl when the time comes.

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