Update: Abandoned dog ‘Bear’ found in ditch with his wheelchair

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When a seemingly heartless person broke Bear’s heart and even worse – dumped him in a ditch along with his wheelchair in Ohio late in December, Trina & Friends came to his rescue. According to the Bedford, New York organization, Bear had been taken to the Humane Society of Ohio where he was scanned and his microchip read. When his owners were contacted, they didn’t want their dog returned.

“Every dog deserves a happy home, but mostly a special needs one. Trina is my dog and the name behind my rescue; she has DM and I’m all too familiar with the disease,” wrote rescue founder, Karina Rosito on Facebook. “Bear was abandoned left to die how can people be so cruel?”

Bear suffers from Degenerate Myelopathy – a disease which attacks their spine resulting in loss of function in their back legs. Bear was lucky; he has been adopted by Susan Baker and is now living the enchanted life in New Hampshire, however what really happened still remains a troublesome mystery.

“I have your dog. You know the one dumped and found on Dec. 24th Christmas Eve, as if his story wasn’t sad enough,” Susan wrote on Thursday morning on social media addressing Bear’s former heartbreaking plight.

“There are lots of different versions of ‘story’ – found in a ditch by a kind stranger who thought he’d been hit by a car. Owner had a stroke and couldn’t care for him any longer. (But that doesn’t explain the ditch part.) Speculation that the kind person who found him was the actual owner and lied to make their pathetic self feel better by  being the hero. The chip he supposedly had was read and the owner said nah, I don’t want him back. Who knows what the truth is? Does it even matter…?”

And so the gentle dog who Susan describes as loving and sweet, loves his toys, his ears scratched, lots of treats and gently nuzzles his nose under her arms, is a wonderful dog who deserved much more than where his fate could have ended.

“The fact is you dumped a senior paralyzed sweet soul,” Susan continued. “You threw away a loyal, loving, beautiful animal who was no longer useful to you and represented a burden to you. You figured somebody would step up for him, or at the very least end his misery and confusion FOR you, free of charge. Maybe he’d just die in the ditch if it got cold enough.”

And then came the condemnation from his new owner:

“Whoever you are … WHAT you are is the personification of true evil…And his POS owner decided he wasn’t worth taking care of anymore. May the same fate befall YOU. I hope someone realizes you aren’t worth the effort. I hope you die alone. Scared. Abandoned. And let’s add lots of pain in t here too, you deserve that too.”

Soon Bear’s coat will shine again; Susan brushes him everyday. She feeds him several times a day to gently introduce his starved body back to health. A new wheelchair will be order that fits him so his feet do not drag and his body is balanced for better maneuvering. There will be adventures, he will swim and Bear will have buddies to play with and cozy beds and toys to cuddle.

“… And when he has had his fill of life and tells me he’s ready to move on to what’s next, he will feel MY hands on him to soothe him, he will hear MY voice softly tell him what a good boy his is and how much he’s loved. And I will thank him for sharing the time he had left with ME.

And by the time this happens, YOU will mean nothing to him. YOU will be forgotten. YOU will be reduced to the void that you are. His last thought on this earth will be of ME.”

Live long, be loved and love Bear. Check out his latest videos. Your heart will smile.

Hi everyone!I wanted to give you all an update on Sweet Bear. For those following his story, Bear was abandoned along with his wheels in Ohio he was at the Ohio humane society and I became aware of him as many people kept tagging me. I couldn’t bare to see a dog who suffers from Degenerate Myelopathy the same disease My Trina has, and the reason behind the name of the Rescue.Bear is now safe in his forever home with his wonderful Mom Susan in New Hampshire who is experienced with the disease. Thank you everyone involved in helping Bear make his journey from Ohio to his forever home.We love you sweet boy!!

Posted by Trina & Friends K-9 Rescue on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Video #2:


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Read the original coverage of Bear here.

Angels are out there; many thanks to Susan Baker for loving Bear.

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(Photos of Bear with his wheelchair via FB)


I’ll save you human!

8 replies
  1. pennysdachshundst says:

    What a SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL TRIBUTE TO BEAR from HIS New Guardian Angel!!! Even if the “VERMIN RIDDEN SCUMBAG” that dumped this boy Reads the Report and Progress about Him … Wit Will mean “DICK SQUAT” to the Bastard!!! Man or Woman::: They need to meet, a FATE that will Challenge the MOST EVIL & VILE Person on This Planet!!! Suffering, pain, and FULL of FEAR as to Their VERY EXISTENCE !!! Then conger Up the Last Moment Bear Looked into YOUR EVIL and DEMONIC EYES & Pleaded for YOU Not to Abandon HIM!!!

  2. Melissa Gurley says:

    To Bears new owner God Bless You and everything you stand for there needs to be more people in this world like you. And to the previous owner all I can bare to say to you is KARMA and I pray it comes soon to bite you in the ass

  3. Patricia says:

    Maybe it’s a legal issue, but owner’s who abandon helpless animals should have their photo, name and where they live exposed like a mug shot…they need to be shamed. Abandoning animals is illegal and sick ones who can’t walk is even worse especially in freezing weather what a heartless piece of crap this guy is and for taking credit as the kind soul who found Bear. Thank God Bear is in good hands now.. I

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    There are still angels among us and Bear has been lucky enough to find one. Obviously I agree with Bear’s new owner. May no good ever come to the ones that abandoned this precious dog!


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