UNT football player under fire for posting video of dogs mauling raccoon

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A University of North Texas football player is under fire for posting a video on Snapchat Sunday afternoon depicting egregious animal cruelty. The video showed a raccoon captured in a cage released to waiting dogs. As soon as the cage was opened, two dogs attacked and then a third dog joined in the cruelty.

According to the Dallas News, Khairi Muhammad, the junior defensive back for the school, posted the video on January 27 showing the dogs attacking and killing the raccoon while a group of people, including Muhammad watching and recording the horrifying cruelty.

A person who saw the video before it was removed, said a stick was used to beat the raccoon to death after it had been mauled b y the dogs.

A response from the university stated:

“A member of our football team posted a video to social media portraying activities that do not represent the values UNT encourages. We have high expectations for our community members to behave in a manner that positively represents the university. Furthermore the university as a student code of conduct, which all students are required to follow. While the player has since removed the video and apologized, our Athletics program plans to use this as a teaching moment.”

According to the Denton Record, Muhammad has since apologized posting the following on Instagram:

“I understand that I represent a lot of people and my actions also reflect on them. I will learn from t his and use it to make better decisions in the future.”

The Denton Police Department have not opened an investigation at this time stating they have had no indication that the cruelty happened within their jurisdiction citing they will have to establish they have investigatory jurisdiction.

Muhammad has been a starting defensive back with a combined 161 total tackles.

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19 replies
  1. Darla says:

    Do you really think that fucking asshole had any remorse. He’ll do it again knowing he’ll get away with it. The blood will be on the college’s hands when he turns to people next. They’re only worried about the reputation of the their freaking football team. Texas sucks, all they think about is sports and hunting, big heads with little dicks.

    • Sue says:

      Yeah, what kind of “teaching moment” is keeping him on the team, and no prosecution? What a load of rubbish from the school !!

  2. Carol Green says:

    So is this public apology going to be all that’s required of this mutant devil? The university did not state that he was being removed from the team, or any other such punishment. You have to realize that the only reason for his apology is that he got called out on it. He’s only sorry for that. Don’t allow a “teaching moment” be lost by continuing to allow this animal abuser to play on your team, or even be a student at UNT if your student code of conduct has any meaning.

  3. Ann Dolak says:

    Its time for the University of Texas to make this a”teaching moment” for their football team & REMOVE this player for his egregious actions. Hes DEFINITELY NOTa good example for kids looking up to him!

  4. Ann Dolak says:

    Cut him from the team!Its time to quit making animal cruelty ok.Kids are posting too much of this crap for “likes” on social media!Theyre one step away from becoming so apathetic as to deem human cruelty as OK, too!

  5. Kristine says:

    Who gives a shit if he’s a football player with 161 tackles.
    Animal Abuse is Abuse & against the law.
    That’s sac of shit should be held accountable for his actions & all that were involved & charged!

  6. Gi says:

    I’m sorry to say this for anybody who doesn’t believe me but there are certain cultures in the world who believe animals are not even as high as property. They are treated as less than less of property. This same culture mutilates woman’s genitalia and treats women less than property. Sorry but the culprit here is from that savage belief system. The name gave him away. Coming from that culture I’m not surprised. A maggot like this should be shot.

  7. Jeanette Fossum says:

    this is evil and if that idiot does not get convicted of animal abuse there is something very wrong with the police and the school.

  8. PetMom says:

    Stupid evil boy. Poor raccoon. The dogs should be vaccinated and tested for rabies immediately if they weren’t already. I’m guessing the dogs aren’t current on their shots. This is Texas of course.

  9. Larry says:

    This incidenty only goes to show that athletes can get away with anything to these schools winning sports programs are all that really matter. If this scumbag is allowed to play another game at UNT the coach, the athletic director and the president of the university should ALL be fired. Let’s bring some INTEGRITY to athletic programs.

  10. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Hummm, sounds like a dog fighter in the making. Please make this a “teaching moment” for everybody else and press charges against him now!

  11. Patricia says:

    Ladies beware if he thinks this is acceptable behavior, then when he beats your ass or has one of his “girls” do it, please don’t be surprised. Do raccoons not carry rabies? Oh and PetMom
    and Darla we vaccinate our dogs (it’s the law) and love our pets just like everybody else. I don’t think this young man was from Texas. And no we are not all a bunch of rednecks that live with oil wells and tumbleweed in our backyards, and shoot guns and hunt. Good grief way to stereotype a whole state. Y’all must be from up North to even say such an idiotic statement. We certainly do not condone this little jerks behavior.

  12. Pennysdachshunds says:

    AND this ETHNIC DEMONIC POS IS AN EXAMPLE of an Ethical and Exemplified Student and Sportsman… ANOTHER MICHAEL VICK!!!! GOOD For TEXAS & it Makes a lot of sense because the is A MINUS NUMBER of the POPULATION of the Retched , State and has ONR OUNCE of COMPASSION and INTEGERITY WHEN IT COMES TO THE TREATMENT of any type of 4 legged Animal , including companion animal’s , wildlife, EVEN the BALD EAGLE THAT REPRESENTS the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! HOW WELL I REMEMBER a young man shooting and killing two Nesting Bald Eagles in TEXAS(s) a couple years ago and WALKED FROM THE COURT SYSTEM with 0 charges or accountability…. THE IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM down there!!! DAH!!!

  13. Barkley's Mom says:

    Teaching moment? Better decisions in the future? What is wrong with this society if this is the way our schools handle such atrocities?

  14. Diana Rowell says:

    Along with law enforcement’s REFUSAL to prosecute and the University giving this demon a pass, a BIG part of the problem here is is YOU THE PUBLIC! YOU continue to pay HUNDREDS of dollars to go to the GAMES that FEATURE these VILE THUGS, YOU continue to show support at rallies, YOU continue to vote in the SAME EVIL DEMONS who RUN the sheriff’s department and who is University’s President. YOU have MORE power than the Sheriff OR the University…yet, YOU STILL DO NOTHING. So, the blood is on YOUR hands too. PERIOD! God sees all, folks, INCLUDING your WEAKNESS to protect His blessings, and He forgets NOTHING.


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