Unrecognizable Rottweiler abandoned on side of Baytown road

In Houston, Texas, an unrecognizable Rottweiler was found on Sunday roaming along a Baytown road. No one knows how long he had been scavenging in the area searching for scraps of food, but his body was ravaged with infections including a sac of fluid hanging from a deep gash in his neck.

According to Chip N Snip, an animal rescue organization, Brittany Everett drove out to rescue the dog, now dubbed Theodore. She was shocked when she first noted the deep gashes from a too tight collar causing the fluid collection under his neck.

“Meet Theodore. He is mangy, large tumors on his neck. He has an embedded collar that is oozing green infection. He smells of necrotic tissue but he wagged his little nub of a tail and came straight to us. He gently took treats and walked nicely to the car. He loaded up with no trouble and rode quietly to the hospital.

Maybe he knows we are the good guys, here to help. To change his life forever. Maybe he has just given up and is defeated,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

Rushed to the Wilcox Veterinary Clinic, his condition was critical when he arrived, however Theodore continues to make amazing progress and is expected to make a full recovery.

Check out his video when he was rescued:


Theodore loves squeaky toys and balls! If you’d like to send him some please do!

Chip N Snip
PO Box 1450
Highlands, Texas 77562

(Photos of unrecognizable Rottweiler via Facebook )

Donations can be sent by clicking here.

Get well soon Theodore.

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Clever puppy

So sweet

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    TEXAS !!! OF Course !!! There are Demon’s (Not Human’s) that are so very Ruthless, Cruel, Sick Minded, Evil, That it is incomprehensible To even think of NORMAL HUMAN’s EVEN THINKING of RELOCATING TO the STATE of the “No Star” !!! Governor Abbott , as far as I have know, HAS NEVER MADE (ONE COMMENT) about the Horrific Abuse of Animal’s OR EVEN MADE an ATTEMPT TO FORM A TASK FORCE to ATTEMPT to ASSIST ANIMAL SHELTER’s and RESCUES to be ABLE TO ASSIST MORE in helping to Save and Rehome instead of EUTHANISA ON A BASIS THAT IS CATASTROPHIC!!!!!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Theodore has all our prayers and support. He has been saved and is on the road to finally being in a forever home once he is medically cleared. Who or what vile monster allowed this to happen to a dog? OK, can’t take care of the dog anymore, call a rescue or shelter and see what they can do especially when they know that you would probably dump your dog on the streets. People who do this, for any reason should be on an island with others who do horrible things to animals and let them kill each other.


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