University grad beat stray dog to death ‘because it barked too much’

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A Tsinghua University PhD graduate in China boasted about beating a small dog to death “because it barked too much” at night. He later bragged to the media how “perfectly reasonable” it was to kill the stray dog because it had disturbed his sleep.

According to the Daily Mail, the small dog, nicknamed “Little Black” had lived in the neighborhood of Chengdu near the school for the past two years. The man who beat the dog, identified by Red Star News as Liu Fei, bragged about his “bravery” helping the police to “get rid of it.”

Witnesses stated that Liu chased the dog with a wooden club beating it into a neighbor’s home, and then called police to help. The police and Liu tied a rope around the dog’s neck and stuffed it into a sack, but the panicky animal was able to use his teeth to escape. Liu then pinned the dog down to the ground and tied its feet with more ropes.

The dog later died and animal advocates and much of social media have since condemned Liu’s heartless actions.

“[It] was beaten to death by a man who had just moved in and claimed that the dog stopped him from sleeping. It was too cruel,” a witness posted.

Some readers however, defended Liu and stated it was important to deal with stray dogs. There are no laws in China against animal cruelty or preventing animal cruelty. Some cities in China have enacted rules about residents keeping pets putting restrictions on the times a dog can be walked or exercised. Other new residential builders of apartment houses have contracts specifically excluding dogs. China has a long way to go.

(Photos of dog barked too much beaten and killed via screenshots from Red Star News)

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  1. Why is china still on the map???? These scum bags that kill animals just because they can need to be treated the same way..eye for an eye…even if they had animals laws would they be enforced??? RIP Little Black…

  2. Now I have at least one thing I can agree with President Trump on. Stick it to China every way possible. If I could arrange it, I would exterminate the entire human populations of Asia (including the subcontinents – India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the entire Middle East) and Africa. That would give the wildlife a decent chance to recover and I don’t think anyone would really miss them. The more I know about animals the less use I have for many people. Let’s face it, there are a great many people worldwide that the rest of us would be better off without and a great many of them are found in China.

  3. Not surprised–this is “China”! They probably teach animal cruelty at their universities!

    To be fair, however, there are millions of animal lovers there and some awesome rescue groups, BUT THEY HAVE A LONG ROAD AND FIGHT AHEAD OF THEM!

  4. I have determined that ASIAN PEOPLE HAVE NOT A SOUL !! OF COURSE WE should have figured that out in Vietnam, and if We had any COMMON SENCE about the BENEFIT of the Doubt WW II should have BEEN ONE HELL OF AN EYE OPENER!! Then of Course KOREA!! Look how our prisoner of War WERE TREATED EACH and EVERY TIME … AND WE THINK These CREATURES Would Treat an ANIMAL with kindness and respect!!!! HA HA HA


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